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Invisible orthodontics is the most advanced system currently on the market, because, thanks to it, almost no one will appreciate that you are wearing an appliance.

It consists of custom-made removable clear aligners that are placed in the patient’s mouth to correct occlusive and dental position problems.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art software, the patient can see the results before starting the treatment.

At Ikident Dental Clinic we are experts in invisible orthodontics, offering you the opportunity to correct your smile with a practically imperceptible system.

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Invisible Orthodontics advantages

The main advantages of invisible orthodontics are:

  • It is a totally personalized treatment.
  • It represents the most aesthetic orthodontic treatment.
  • Being transparent, it is practically invisible to others.
  • Being removable, it allows you to eat, drink and brush your teeth normally.
  • It is very convenient and comfortable.
  • Its advanced technology allows the patient to visualize the results before starting the treatment.

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Muy cordial, trato personalizado, instalaciones última generación. Buenos resultados. Muchas gracias

Matilde Ortin


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