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Personalized attention from our professionals in odontology and dental aesthetics.

IKIDENT, your trusted dentist in Villena

Dental clinic in Villena

At Ikident we have a single mission: to take care of your smile in the best possible way.

Our treatments are at the forefront, which allows us to offer the most effective solutions in oral health and aesthetics.

In addition, for us your trust is vital and, therefore, we provide you with a personalized and detailed treatment plan.

We have a team of specialists who will be in charge of offering you the best result. To do this, we plan and develop your treatment, providing you with the best version of your smile.

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Dental clinic Villena - Ikident

Discover the Ikident advantages

State of the art facilities

Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology, offering you both an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment.

Highly trained and qualified team

Our professional team is specialized in each of the areas of dentistry, which will provide you with the best results.

Quality patient care

We make the difference by offering a personalized treatment to each patient, based on empathy and closeness, so that you feel at home at all times.

Financing plan

We offer our customized financing plan, because the economy does not pose an obstacle when it comes to taking care of your smile.

What our patients say about us

Jose Miguel Martinez Cascales

Paciente Implantes Dentales

Ikident works with the following insurers

Santander Seguro Dental
Giradental Seguro Dental
Clínica Dental Villena - Ikident
Helvetia Seguro Dental
Cigna Seguro Dental
Clínica Dental Villena - Ikident
El Corte Inglés Seguros
Canal Salud Seguros Dentales
Clínica Dental Villena - Ikident
Santa Lucia Seguro Dental
Ocaso Seguro Dental
Clínica Dental Villena - Ikident
Clínica Dental Villena - Ikident
Clínica Dental Villena - Ikident
Clínica Dental Villena - Ikident


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